Milo – A Toothpaste Suburb

It’s no secret that Milo is one of my favorite rappers (my iPod says I have 64 songs of his, which might be everything) as when I first discovered him back in my sophomore year in high school, his music was all I was bumping for the week. Since I Wish My Brother Rob was Here he’s gone on to release 5 different projects, with A Toothpaste Suburb being the most recent, and is also his debut LP under the Hellfyre label.

Popular Grove and Cavalcade, the last two projects before this one were in a way disappointing in comparison to what this guy usually puts out, but in my opinion this new LP picks up where he left off with the double EP’s he released back in January of 2013. The production still sounds experimental, Milo is still using his monotone delivery, and when everything comes together on this album everything seems to click. Some tracks that stood out to me were In Goal ft Kool A.D., You Are Go(o)d to Me, and Just Us. Although just about all of the tracks were pretty good.

Milo is a really unique dude in the way that he creates music. He’s clever in his raps, and has some pretty solid producers giving him beats to rap over. The LP has a very relaxed feel to it, and definitely is recommended to anyone that wants some rather unorthodox sounding hip hop. Also check out the rest of the Hellfyre collective as well, as those guys are also very talented. Stream for A Toothpaste Suburb can be found below.


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