Chances are you have come across Atlanta rapper, actor, comedian, GOD OF ALL FORMS OF MEDIA ENTERTAINMENT, Donald Glover (You have watched Community haven’t you?). Going by the moniker, Childish Gambino, when it comes to the rap game, the young and potent star once again proves he is the modern day king of the Atlanta rap-scene dropping a new mixtape, STN MTN, along with his latest EP, Kauai, last week for his fanbase.

After the release of Because The Internet last year, Childish once again proves his rap/singing skills with his latest project, an adaptation to the world of trap music. Alongside hypeman, DJ DRAMA, Gambino is still ‘dropping bars like AT&T‘ for fans familiarized with his iconic hash-tag style rap and infusion of crooning. The mixtape, well suited for the Summer season, can still make you want to ‘Let the top down let your hair blow‘ on a dark and rainy-Fall afternoon with its top notch production.Contributing producers include NICK BANGA, BIG SOJ, LUDWIG, TIM SUBY, and CHILDISH GAMBINO himself (Egads! What can this guy not do?).

Download the mixtape on DatPiff and ‘watch them haters get asthma‘ next time you blast it on your drop-top.

While you are at it, check out his latest music video for ‘Telegraph Avenue (“Oakland” by Lloyd)’  from Because The Internet if you are in for a wickedly twisted out-of-the-norm ending featuring the lovely Jhené Aiko.


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