BadBadNotGood has been turning heads in the music scene ever since they dropped BBNG and posted their jazzy renditions of various Odd Future tracks on YouTube back in 2011. And rightfully so as this group is not only able to create very lush and beautiful instrumentals, but they are also able to create awesome sounding covers of some popular songs. These covers range from Kanye West, to Legend of Zelda tunes. And while they are extremely good at covering and spicing up tracks, their debut album III also proved that their also extremely good at writing and performing original material.

Recently they dropped a new single entitled “Velvet”, which also sounds like original material. The amazing thing about these guys is how their able to draw influences from so many different genres of music and mix it all up into one track. On this new song, you can hear that very old school jazz vibe, mixed with more modern genres. While these guys have been taking jazz in a new direction, it’s cool to hear a track where they dig at the roots of the genre. You can listen to “Velvet” below.


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