I hate my dog, I hate this couch, I hate this blog. A heavy set of the blues for Chicago’s Chance the Rapper.


It’s been ages since Acid Rap dropped, and while Chancelor Bennett’s fans still bump Smoke Again at your local house party every now and then, the question still abides; What’s the latest update on the avid and passionate Chicago-grown entertainer, Chance le Rappuer?

Well, next time you open up a bag of them flamin’ hots with cheese take into consideration that the young and potent star has been touring with his band (The Social Experiment), vigorously putting out shows for the ripe hip-hop ears all across the nation! But if you’ve been keen on his soundcloud page you might have noticed that he has been occasionally dropping treats for his fans, deemed ‘experimental’, vibrant, and somehow… depressing.

AND IF YOU HAVE REALLY BEEN paying attention you would notice that each consecutive track alters from a joyful state to a heavy case of the blues. From one of the first releases with The Social Experiment, Home Studio (Back Up In This B*tch),to the following, I Am Very Very Lonely, you get a vividly painted picture of an animated kid ripped away from his regular every day normal life to the depression and alleviation that accompanies stardom. So what’s next Chano? Only time can tell. Yesterday, the young artist dropped a track entitled No Better Blues. Dark but slightly comical lyricism at it’s finest with one of his many promising and signature adaptive flows. Looks to me like yo boy Chance is either suffering from a case of infinite sadness, or he just really hates vegetables, Racism, and drinking. What do you think? Check out the track below next time you find yourself alone with the cucaracha.


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