A fresh treat for the hip-hop soul. Chicago rapper “Mic Meraz’s” debut project.


From producing beats to juicing beets for a living, Chicago rapper Mic Meraz releases his first rap project, OUT OF TOUCH. A tape that features washed out and uplifting production in conjunction with steadfast and enchanting flow.

Every rapper’s daily struggle, infused with melodic beats, hooks and the occasional occasional rap swank is what makes for better artists, and we might have hit the jackpot with Meraz’s cooking pot of flavors from the straight-spitting and spellbound intro ‘In My Section’ with a hint of a young ‘Overly Dedicated’ Kendrick Lamar to the romantic scratches and hooks of ‘My Scent In Heaven’. With Meraz’s debut rap project we are yet again reminded that Hip-Hop can also be used as a means of encompassing daily problems and infatuations the universe projects amongst us. The young rapper definitely packs abilities and similes on this one. Next time you ride the L, go sip on your favorite brew at your local coffee shop, or find yourself on verge of musical discovery while sitting on the couch with no make-up on, grab your best headphones (or your semi-broken pair of Apple 2011 headphones) and lose yourself in Meraz’s fresh flow. Mic is on the mic now and he’s the type you can surely trust.

Check out and share his project below my fellow hip-hop heads!



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