Clockwork Indigo – Clockwork Indigo EP

The whole Beast Coast movement has done some pretty amazing things to the hip hop scene. Pro.Era is in the process of bringing that golden-age hip hop back into the spotlight, and The Underachievers and Flatbush Zombies have been spitting some pretty interesting stuff about third-eyes, chakras, and various different psychedelics they’ve tried. These guys collaborated about a month ago under the name of Clockwork Indigo and dropped a song called “Butterfly Effect”, and are currently on tour together so in a way it’s not surprising that they dropped an EP together. If anything this is long overdue.

This self-titled EP is 5 tracks long, and is produced by Erick Ark Elliot, which is a great thing seeing as he makes some pretty trippy-sounding beats that cater to all of the guys involved on this, and he has been putting out some amazing instrumentals for a good while now. I’m a huge fan of these guys, so it’s no surprise that I’m currently enjoying this new EP quite a bit. Check out the stream below.


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