Ewonee – Aux.Tapes_Vol.2

What’s the most critical component of a good study session in college? I would say the music. I’ve finished all of my midterms, but I know once finals week rears its ugly head around the corner, I’m going to have to bust out the study jams. This is where Ewonee comes into play. Ewonee is a producer hailing from New York City. This guy has a bunch of beat tapes on his BandCamp page, and about a week ago he dropped this new tape, Aux.Tapes_Vol.2.

This beat tape is full of soothing, mellow instrumentals. If you need some beats to study to, or if you just need something to relax to after a long day, then throw this tape on. If you dig producers like Nujabes as well, then you should definitely check the rest of this guy’s music out. Stream Aux.Tapes_Vol.2 below.


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