Run The Jewels – RTJ2

Where do I start with this album. It is only the best hip hop album of 2014. Well people will have their opinions but I do believe this album is a front runner for that title. Run The Jewels recently released this album titled, RTJ2. They actually leaked it themselves a few days before the official release date of October 28th.

It is the second collaborative album between Killer Mike and El-P under the Run The Jewels name. If you haven’t listened to the first album titled, Run The Jewelsthen you better get on it.

Killer Mike and El-P are two very different hip hop artists yet they fit together so well. RTJ2 was enjoyable from beginning to end. I don’t think there was one track that I did not like off of this album. Rage Against The Machine’s front man ,Zach De La Rocha, even features in this album. This album is so aggressive and in your face at times and I love it.

Download RTJ2 on their website for FREE! 


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