Diamond District – March On Washington

Diamond District is a hip hop trio comprising of Oddisee, Uptown XO, and yU the 78er who all hail from DC. I heard about these guys through Oddisee, and I’m glad that I did. This group was formed back in 2009 when they dropped their debut In The Ruff which pretty much brought out that grimy East Coast sound. March On Washington is their second LP, as these guys went half of a decade without releasing any projects.

Its the same formula on this album as before, Oddisee handles the production, and Uptown XO and yU the 78er spit over his beats. The production on this album is pretty flawless. Oddisee lays down some great instrumentals that cater to both Uptown XO and yU the 78er. Lyrically there are no problems either. This album is full of politically conscious lyrics, and coupled with the instrumentals, it makes for another extremely solid effort from these guys. It’s been a very good year for hip hop. Stream below.


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