Ghostface Killah – The Battlefield Ft. AZ & Kool G Rap

Ghostface Killah is easily my favorite out of Wu-Tang, and so when I heard that he was dropping a new album before the upcoming Wu-Tang album naturally I got excited. It also helped that the song he released with that announcement, “Love Don’t Live Here No More”, was nothing short of perfection. It was a slow, and soulful song and the sample was truly beautiful. He hasn’t stopped just there though, today he released a new song that is also set to appear on 36 Seasons.

“The Battlefield” seems like an opposite to “Love Don’t Live Here No More”. While “Love Don’t Live Here No More” was smooth, and soulful, “The Battlefield” sounds gritty and grimy. All three of the guys on this track sound incredibly hungry, with some pretty energetic verses throughout. Extremely excited for 36 Seasons (and Sour Soul, due on the 16th of February). Stream below.


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