Flying Lotus & DOOM – Masquatch

I’ve beaten Grand Theft Auto 5 about three times now, and honestly I was interested in playing the game all over again until I saw the trailer for the PS4 version, which just made me depressed because of how superior it plays over the PS3 version. Also, the soundtrack for the next-gen version has a bunch of new tracks added on there, with this new song, “Masquatch” being one of them.

If at this point you still have no idea on who Flying Lotus and DOOM are, then just give up (not really, but seriously, go listen to them). Flying Lotus’ newest LP ,You’re Dead!, had to be one of my favorite albums of 2014, and DOOM simply is a legend in the underground hip hop scene. DOOM releases music at an alarming rate and still remains consistent while doing so. His latest project, NehruvianDOOM, a collaboration with Bishop Nehru, was his 11th collab album and while I felt it was too short, it still managed to provide for a pretty good listen.

So it’s of no surprise that a collaboration between these two greats produced an awesome track. It’s just a shame that the song clocks out at 2 minutes. Stream below.


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