Action Bronson & Danny Brown – Bad News

A song with The Alchemist, Danny Brown and Action Bronson? I’m down. As I have said before, Grand Theft Auto 5 has one of the best soundtracks a video game can have and with this next-gen port comes plenty of new songs. The DOOM and Flying Lotus jam is a gem and now this collaboration between Danny Brown and Action Bronson has hit the internet. Just like the other songs on that soundtrack, this new song goes hard.

First off, The Alchemist has some really dope production. There’s no debate about that. It’s always interesting to see Danny Brown collab with other artists, given that he has a high pitched and very energetic delivery that many other artists simply can not match. Action Bronson definitely doesn’t have a high pitched delivery like Danny Brown, but people underrate him in my opinion. The dude can go hard. This is seen in this new song. Both of these guys really compliment each other well on here. Hopefully they collab more often. Stream below. Also go buy GTA 5 if you haven’t already.


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