Thelonious Martin – Wünderkid

Producers need love too y’all. Thelonious Martin is a producer from Chicago who has been quietly making a name for himself in the hip hop game over the past year. The guy is mad talented. Ever since I heard his production on RetcH’s Polo Sporting Goods last year, I knew this guy was capable of making it big. Why? Because he reminded me of DJ Premier. It’s all in the soul samples. But enough of all of that, Wünderkid is Martin’s latest project.

Wünderkid is 15 tracks long and it really showcases this guys talents. There are some big names rapping on some of his beats here (Joey Purp, Mac Miller, RetcH, Curren$y, Ab-Soul) and pure instrumentals on other tracks (Ode to Madlib for example, is a favorite of mine). I really think Thelonious Martin really out did himself on this project. Definitely check it out if you’re a fan of beat tapes. Stream below.


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