Killer Mike interviews Bernie Sanders

Killer Mike is one of my favorite rappers for a number of reasons. Not only is he a very talented musical artist, but he is a very intellectual individual. It shows in his music and in his character. Recently, he sat down with presidential candidate, Bernie Sanders, and they discussed a broad range of issues. They filmed these conversations and made them available to everyone to view.

I really recommend you watch all six of these videos. Whether or not you support Bernie, or you’re a fan of Killer Mike, these are the types of conversations people need to be having. If you’re looking to learn more about Bernie Sanders and what he represents, this will give you a good understanding. The topics they discuss include, economic freedom, social justice, health care, democratic socialism and more.

This is such a positive move from Killer Mike. This is a move to encourage everyone to be invested in what is going on in their country and to help move the country in the right direction. At one-point Killer Mike says, “I rap about the things you rant about.” And it is true. He makes a great effort to discuss social problems in his music, and he has done this for a long time.

Set aside some time and watch this interview. It’s really great to see something like this happen. Watch out for the frequent fist bumps between the two.


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