Wiki – Lil Me

Ratking’s So It Goes was easily one of the best hip hop albums released in 2014. In my opinion it was up there in the top three best hip hop albums of 2014 alongside Run The Jewels 2 and Piñata. They followed up that album with the release of 700 Fill. Although it wasn’t as successful as So It Goes, it still included the forward thinking that earned them the respect of many in the first place. This second project was more of an experiment with the group trying to figure what works and what doesn’t. 

Recently, one of Ratking’s members, Wiki, released his solo debut project titled, Lil Me. This project features, Skepta, Madlib, Antwon, Kaytranada, as well as fellow Ratking members, Sporting Life and Hak. This is a very free flowing and loose project, but that doesn’t necessarily make this a bad project. The title track, “Lil Me,” is one of the more personal songs on here. Wiki is revealing himself in this track as a regular dude that just really wants to make music. There are no secrets to him as a person and he’s not an individual who shows off a lavish lifestyle or anything of that sort.

This was a good listen. There are a number of memorable songs like “Hit The L,” “God Bless Me,” “Club Shit,” and the hilarious “Living With My Moms.” Those are the songs, I caught myself listening to the most but overall this was a solid project. You can stream the entire project below or download it here.


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