Logic feat. Slug & Killer Mike – Tree of Life

Los Gold Fires

Logic doesn’t ever seem to stop does he? He just released a new album not too long ago, and he’s already releasing new music. Well, that’s not a bad thing for us fans. I love him for his dedication and motivation. Anyway, he just released a new track, and he said, “This ones for the fans.” You gotta love this dude.

The song is titled “Tree of Life” and it features Slug (from Atmosphere) & Killer Mike (Run The Jewels). This collaboration is a great one, in my opinion. I’m a huge fan of all these three artists so it was exciting for me to see this happen. You can listen to the track below.

The song itself revolves around a Facebook post made by Atmosphere. Slug talks about it in his verse. The post talks about how some people are very narrow minded on what the definition of good music is. The post is a response to fans who were unhappy about having Wiz Khalifa & 2Chainz join Atmospere at Soundset. They basically say that this society exists to serve everyone not just one group. It exists to represent everyone. They also went on to say that you don’t have to like everything, but that you should step back and keep an open mind. In their words, they said, “admire the whole tree for its ability to grow so strong, quit tryna cut off certain branches just because you don’t like them.” I completely agree with their argument. What do you all think? You can read the post below.


Back to the song. Logic came across this post, and it really stuck to him. Enough for him to reach of to Slug of Atmosphere, who most likely wrote this post, and Killer Mike to create this song. It’s a damn good song, and they all provide their two cents on the subject. Pay attention when you listen to this song. It brings up good points that I feel many people are guilty of, especially in the hip hop world


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