Los Gold Fires – Stockholm Syndrome

Los Gold Fires

Los Gold Fires have recently released their latest single titled, “Stockholm Syndrome,” but before we talk about the song let me provide some background information on this talented and promising group for those who are unfamiliar with Los Gold Fires. The band consists of five members, Edgar Elio Diaz (vocals), Siul Esoj Reynoso (guitar), Mark Rendon (guitar), Cristobal David Mora (drums) and Alex Sanchez (bass).

From left to right: Alex Sanchez, Siul Esoj Reynoso, Mark Rendon, Edgar Elio Diaz, & Cristobal David Mora

Los Gold Fires is a local band from the Chicagoland area. These guys were all drawn together through their shared interests in bands like The Growlers, The Doors, The Strokes and Arctic Monkeys. Their sound is known for its heavy use of effects. They mix the sound of indie rock and surfer rock with psychedelia creating their sound known as”Mid-Western.”

The past few months they have been performing at local venues in Chicago’s Pilsen neighborhood and following the positive feedback they have received from these shows, they are now planning to release new music over the next few months. This new single, “Stockholm Syndrome,” is a little taste of the new material that these folks have been working hard on. They started off with a great track. I have had this song on repeat for quite a while now. You can check it out yourself below.

This song is only the beginning as Los Gold Fires plans to release a collection of 3 EP’s in 2016. So if you really enjoyed this track, there’s plenty more on the way. Check out their website and like their Facebook page to stay connected. You wouldn’t want to miss any upcoming shows they may have scheduled.


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