I Love Kanye (Stefan Ponce Remix)


You’ve probably already heard the news that Kanye released a new album titled The Life of Pablo. I mean, how could you not there’s been 24/7 coverage and speculation for the past week on every major music site. What you probably haven’t heard about is the new remix Stefan Ponce did of one of the new Kanye tracks endearingly named “I Love Kanye”.

You may remember Stefan Ponce from Chance the Rapper’s breakout mixtape “Acid Rap” since he produced the opening track “Good Ass Intro.” He also has production credits on Childish Gambino’s “3005” and Vic Mensa’s “Down on My Luck.”

The Chicago producer Ponce, sampled The Dramatics’ I Dedicate My Life To You on this remix to give it a soulful twist.

Update 2/28/16

Stephan Ponce tweeted a download link to the song



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