Lushlife – This Ecstatic Cult feat. Killer Mike (Lyric Video)

How many of y’all already know about Lushlife? If you don’t know about him, then I’m kind of disappointed, but let’s get you situated on this talented man. Lushlife is a hip hop artist from Philadelphia. This man has been climbing up the ranks in the underground game. He’s been one of my favorite new and upcoming artists. On his bandcamp page, he has described his music as ‘experimental’ and ‘psychedelic’ hip hop. Pitchfork has described Lushlife as, “omnivorous and scholarly.” A great place to start with Lushlife would be to listen to his first two LP’s, No More Golden Days & Plateau VisionBoth are great hip hop albums.

Recently, Lushlife has released a lyric video for one of the singles off of his upcoming album, Ritualize.  Normally, Lushlife produces all of his work but for Ritualize, he teamed up with CSLSX to produce the album. The lyric video is for his track, “This Ecstatic Cult,” and it features Killer Mike. This is one of the five singles that have been released from the upcoming album. The other singles are titled, “Body Double,” “Hong Kong,” “The Waking World,” and my favorite one “Strawberry Mansion.” If you’re looking for some awesome new hip hop music to listen to, check out those singles. Also, check out the lyric video for “This Ecstatic Cult” below!

Ritualize is set to release February 19th. That is this Friday!! Mark your calendars. Set your reminders. Do whatever you gotta do.


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