Cymbal, An Interactive Music Sharing App

Cymbal, which launched in early 2015, is a cool interactive app that has caught my attention. This app was developed by three students from Tufts University. Amadou Crookes, Gabe Jacobs and Mario Gomez-Hall created this app that is now worth around six million dollars.

I find this being one of my favorite apps for one main reason; it’s an app where you share music. This social media app allows you to share songs that you’re listening to with others. Some have described it as the “Instagram for music.” Although there are many similarities in the two, with Cymbal you are not sharing original content. With apps like Instagram or Snapchat, you share content that you yourself have created. You share pictures you took or videos you recorded. On Cymbal, you are taking songs that already exist (on Spotify or Soundcloud), and you’re sharing them to followers.

This is a social app that offers a unique experience catered to music lovers. If you’re someone like myself, who loves to share all the hot new tracks to their friends, this is the perfect app for you. This makes sharing music with friends super easy. Follow each other on the app, and you’ll be able to see what everyone is listening to. Whatever songs you share will pop up on your followers’ newsfeeds. This is also a useful app for people looking to discover new music. It’s a very convenient and easy way to discover fresh music. You can see what music new music different music blogs are listening to like The Needle Drop, Pigeons and Planes, Dead-End Hip Hop and many others. You can even follow record labels such as, Def Jam, Republic Records or Vagrent Records.

One of the best aspects of this app is its ability to showcase the dynamic music taste of individual users. In addition, the app helps you connect with users who share the same music interests as yourself. Although the app has many cool aspects, it does have one downside that I must point out. Unless you have a Spotify Premium subscription, music taken from Spotify will play in short snippets only. Music taken from Soundcloud is available to listen entirely. Despite this downside, it is still a great app.

In sum, Cymbal offers users an interactive way to share and discover music. I find it very useful when I’m looking for a new track to listen to. I encourage everyone to check it out. The app is available to Apple devices. There is a Beta version for Android devices with a full version coming soon. If you do find yourself on Cymbal, feel free to follow my account, Samyouel5.


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