Cymbal, An Interactive Music Sharing App

Cymbal, which launched in early 2015, is a cool interactive app that has caught my attention. This app was developed by three students from Tufts University. Amadou Crookes, Gabe Jacobs and Mario Gomez-Hall created this app that is now worth around six million dollars.

I find this being one of my favorite apps for one main reason; it’s an app where you share music. This social media app allows you to share songs that you’re listening to with others. Some have described it as the “Instagram for music.” Although there are many similarities in the two, with Cymbal you are not sharing original content. With apps like Instagram or Snapchat, you share content that you yourself have created. You share pictures you took or videos you recorded. On Cymbal, you are taking songs that already exist (on Spotify or Soundcloud), and you’re sharing them to followers.

This is a social app that offers a unique experience catered to music lovers. If you’re someone like myself, who loves to share all the hot new tracks to their friends, this is the perfect app for you. This makes sharing music with friends super easy. Follow each other on the app, and you’ll be able to see what everyone is listening to. Whatever songs you share will pop up on your followers’ newsfeeds. This is also a useful app for people looking to discover new music. It’s a very convenient and easy way to discover fresh music. You can see what music new music different music blogs are listening to like The Needle Drop, Pigeons and Planes, Dead-End Hip Hop and many others. You can even follow record labels such as, Def Jam, Republic Records or Vagrent Records.

One of the best aspects of this app is its ability to showcase the dynamic music taste of individual users. In addition, the app helps you connect with users who share the same music interests as yourself. Although the app has many cool aspects, it does have one downside that I must point out. Unless you have a Spotify Premium subscription, music taken from Spotify will play in short snippets only. Music taken from Soundcloud is available to listen entirely. Despite this downside, it is still a great app.

In sum, Cymbal offers users an interactive way to share and discover music. I find it very useful when I’m looking for a new track to listen to. I encourage everyone to check it out. The app is available to Apple devices. There is a Beta version for Android devices with a full version coming soon. If you do find yourself on Cymbal, feel free to follow my account, Samyouel5.


Joey Purp – iiiDrops

It’s been a while since Joey Purp’s last solo-project was released. The Purple Tape was released back in 2012, and that feels like it was such a long time ago. Joey has recently released his latest mixtape, iiiDrops, and it was well worth the wait.

Joey Purp has been a force in Chicago’s underground scene for quite a while now. He’s one-half of the Leather Corduroys hip-hop duo with fellow Savemoney member Kami De Chukwu. They have two incredibly good projects titled, Porno Music Volume II: TSFR & Season. If you haven’t listened to those, go check them out.

Despite all the great quality music that Joey has produced, he has not blown up like some of his colleagues have….YET. Savemoney members Chance The Rapper, Vic Mensa, and Towkio have all recently experience widespread success. Joey Purp looks to be the next one to shine, and he deserves it. In my opinion, he’s one of the most talented members of the crew. He is one of the best lyricists if not the best, in the crew. iiiDrops looks like it will be the project to put Joey Purp on the map.

iiiDrops Cover Art

Let’s talk about iiiDrops now. Let me just start off by saying that this is a really good mixtape. I honestly enjoyed this from beginning to end. This project is eleven tracks long and in those tracks, Joey takes us through his young self. We learn about his struggles to find his vision clearly in the city of Chicago. Throughout the mixtape he focuses on the conflicting nature of Chicago’s split personality. If you’re from Chicago, I’m pretty sure you will agree with his portrayal of The Windy City. If you listen closely to Joey, you’ll become aware of the horrors he’s actually speaking about.

The features in this tape continue to demonstrate how rooted in to Chicago iiiDrops is because all the artists featured in this tape are from Chicago. This tape includes appearances from, Chance The Rapper, Mick Jenkins, Vic Mensa, Saba, theMind, and Teddy Jackson. Of all these features, Mick Jenkins makes the best contribution in “Money & Bitches.”

The first song of this mixtape, “Morning Sex” is easily one of my favorites. That song immediately set the tone for this tape, and it’s just so good overall. He talks about something that is so real in our city. Some other favorites of mine are, “Cornerstore,” “When I’m Gone,” “Kids,” & “Escape.” I point those out as some of my favorites because they touch on heavier topics. This tape is not all gritty and horror though. There are tracks like “Godbody,” “Photobooth,” & “Girls” that will set off tons of parties this summer.

I know a lot of people are still focusing much of their attention to Chance’s new release but set aside some time and check out iiiDrops. The tape is filled with so much, and you’ll love breaking it all down. Trust me. Give Joey Purp some love. He more than deserves it. This was an excellent project. It is his best work so far. I anticipate myself listening to this a lot this summer.  You can listen to it entirely below and download it via MixtapeMonkey. GO LISTEN!

Chance The Rapper – Coloring Book

Well it’s finally here and it is not called Chance 3. Chance The Rapper’s long awaited third mixtape, Coloring Book is finally available to everyone. This is his first solo project in about three years, with Acid Rap being his last solo project.

Coloring Book includes an interesting collection of guest appearances. Kanye West, Future, 2 Chainz, Lil Wayne, Jay Electronica, T-Pain, Jeremih and even Justin Bieber make guest appearances. Aside from the big names, Chance also includes a great share of local Chicago based artists in his mixtape. Local guest appearances include,  Saba, Towkio, Noname Gyspy, Knox Fortune, Eryn Allen Kane (who is an amazing singer by the way) and also the Chicago Childrens Choir.

There’s nothing more to say except, go listen to the mixtape! Chance has made this project available for FREE. There’s no excuse for you to not have this in your music library. You can download & stream Coloring Book on iTunes or on Datpiff.

Go, stop wasting time.

Chance the Rapper – Blessings ft. Byron Cage and Jamila Woods

Chance the Rapper was the musical guest on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon today. Get ready, his 3rd mixtape will be officially released May 13th. He premiered his single Blessings which is a soulful self-reflection on all that hes accomplished in recent months. Its vibe is reminiscent of his feature on Kanye West’s Ultralight Beam.

I was first introduced to Chance on this very blog when he was barely starting to gain momentum in Chicago. Now hes one of the biggest independent hip hop artists out there working with numerous music legends. He is definitely blessed.

Aesop Rock – The Impossible Kid

Aesop Rock is back again with some great music. Aesop Rock has recently released his latest project titled, The Impossible Kid. This is his first release in four years. The last project he released was Skelethon in 2012. He’s back with some new music, and that’s always a good thing. Aesop has consistently produced great music for over 20 years.

Take a second and fully observe this cover art. It’s a cool piece of art. The Impossible Kid is Aesop’s second album on Rhymsayers. Just like with Skelethon, Aesop produced The Impossible Kid himself.

Aesop is known for his incredible lyrical skill. With this new album, he elevated his skill yet again to another level. His lyrics give you an insight to his scarred mind. This album gives us an insight to the mind of the master. Aesop speaks about his strained family relationships, mental health issues and reaching middle-age. The song “Blood Sandwich” talks on Aesop’s relationship with his two brothers and how they have grown apart over the years. That song is one of my favorites on the album. On “Lotta Years,” he ponders getting older. He mentions the changes in youth culture the last two decades.

You can stream this album above. The Impossible Kid is another great Aesop Rock album to add to your collection. The Underground Hip-Hop King continues to produce gold, and I don’t think that will ever change.

Qari – Butterfly, Caterpillar (Video)

Do you miss Hurt Everybody? I know I do. Luckily, they’re still individually dropping great tracks. For instance, Butterfly, Caterpillar from Qari previously known as Carl.

He is supposed to drop a mixtape titled Learning to Unicycle later this year. The track was produced by Chicago-based producer Morimoto. In the meantime, listen to Morimoto’s eccentric debut For Me & Ladie below.

Chance The Rapper – Angels feat. Saba (Music Video)

Chance The Rapper released “Angels” back in October of 2015. The song features fellow Chicago native, Saba. To me, this was Chance’s biggest release of 2015. It is a very uplifting song. It just naturally gives off good vibes. It was only right that Chance made a music video for this track. The video includes Chance soaring through the sky, almost like a superhero. It involves some dancing on the CTA Brown Line and on the streets of downtown Chicago. Check it out Below!

Also! Chance has reportedly announced that his third mixtape is supposed to be released this month. So be on the lookout for that.

NxWorries – Link Up

If you’ve heard Dr. Dre’s long awaited follow-up project to 2001, Compton, which was released last summer, then you probably already know about singer/rapper Anderson .Paak since he was featured on all over the album (most notably on Deep Water alongside Justus and Kendrick Lamar). If you’ve heard Kendrick Lamar’s critically acclaimed album To Pimp a Butterfly, then you might have already heard some of Knxwledge’s work since he was credited on Institutionalized.

Together, Anderson .Paak and Knxwledge are Nxworries—which, if I might, is some of the grooviest hip hop you’ll hear today. Anderson, the driving force, oozes cool and Knxwledge, the producer, is essentially the steering wheel; he is the duo’s backbone.

Check them out if you don’t know about them already. Their combined work is scarce since they’ve only released one EP last year but they’re allegedly working on their debut. Anderson .Paak also released Malibu earlier this year. Knxwledge has also kept himself busy: he dropped Hud Dreems last year as well as tons of other projects on his bandcamp.

Kendrick Lamar – Untitled Unmastered.

A new Kendrick Lamar album released tonight? Yeah I didn’t believe it either but it’s true he just released a new project titled, Untitled Unmastered. This is a complete surprise and it’s the follow-up to last year’s, To Pimp A Butterfly. 

Details about this project were made public for the first time today. Kendrick has performed a few untitled tracks on “The Colbert Report” and on “The Tonight Show Featuring Jimmy Fallon”. And if you remember he performed an unreleased verse at this year’s Grammys ceremony.

Anyway, if you’re interested, you can stream Untitled Unmastered. below.

Towkio – G W M feat. Vic Mensa

Towkio has hit us with some brand new music. This time he teams up with his fellow Savemoney compadre, Vic Mensa. The track is titled, “G W M”. You’ll quickly figure out what those letters stand for when you listen to the track. The production work was done by Mr. Carmack and Kenny Segal.

You can stream the track below!